Algarve - The Land of Almonds

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Faro - the capital of Algarve Faro - the capital of Algarve Wikimedia Commons
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The Land of Almonds

The name of Algarve is "The garden of Portugal".

Numerous tourists from all over Europe visit the southern part of the area because of the beautiful beaches and warm seawaters.

The Algarve region, located at the southern tip of Portugal, is separated from the rest of the country by two mountain ranges. To the west - Sera de Monchique (of volcanic origin) and to the east - Sera de Caldeira, with limestone structure. For a long time, the two massifs, which are the boundaries of a climatic region, have isolated Algarve from the rest of the Iberian Peninsula. The heat here lasts throughout the year, which favours the cultivation of many types of Mediterranean fruit and vegetables, including citrus, figs, peaches and almonds. Almond trees with beautiful white flowers and oleaginous fruits are found at every turn in the Algarve. Since rainfall in The garden of Portugal is scarce, the Moors, who ruled the region for five centuries, built a dense network of irrigation canals.


Agriculture - citrus fruits, almonds, figs.

Fisheries and fish processing.

Traditional crafts, tourism.


In addition to fishing in the fish-rich waters near the Algarve, another major economic sector is agriculture. In 1965, they built an international airport in Faro, the capital of the area, and this has had a major impact on the development of tourism. Today, one-third of the people in Algarve work in this sector. Guests who come here on vacation like the wide sandy beaches between Villa Real and Faro. However, the distinguishing cliffs on the western edge of Algarve are more interesting to wildlife lovers.


Faro, the Cathedral, Arco da Vila gate, Maritime Museum, Episcopal Palace, Lagos, Estoi, Albufeira, Tavira, West coast.

Arco da Vila


          IN BRIEF

  • Capital – Faro
  • Language – Portuguese
  • Currency – euro
  • Religion – Catholicism
  • Largest cities - Portimão, Olhão, Lola, Carteira, Lagos.

Most tourists arrive in Algarve to enjoy the sunny beaches and warm seawater. However, the rocky coast near Cape St. Vincent, as well as the picturesque villages surrounded by meadows scattered around the central part of the region, also deserve your attention. In the village of Alte, for example, you will be delighted by the beautiful white houses. Here you can buy handicrafts of coloured ceramics. Lovers of mountain tourism will be fascinated by the Sera de Monchique mountain range.

For decades, the Algarve area has been one of the favourite tourist destinations on the Iberian Peninsula. The western part of the coastline is characterized by its steep cliffs, which descend to shallow seawater. The picture shows steep limestone cliffs on the rocks between Ponta de Piedade and Praia Dona Ana.

Praia da Dona Ana


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