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Camden Yards Baltimore Maryland Camden Yards Baltimore Maryland
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Maryland is located on the Atlantic coast. He is one of the thirteen founding members of the United States. It is bordered on the south by Virginia, on the west by West Virginia, on the east by Delaware and on the north by Pennsylvania.


In Maryland, the boundaries between cities are very difficult to see. Since time immemorial, the cities of the large metropolitan area between Washington and Baltimore are no different. Today, over seven million people live here.

It is easy to see that the line of skyscrapers does not combine with the predominantly agricultural nature of Maryland. Ever since the colonial era, this area has been ranked among the major tobacco production centers. Corn, soy, rye, potatoes and vegetables are now grown here. Another important source of income is the catch of fish and crustaceans, as Chesapeake Bay is full of crabs, molluscs and oysters. Maryland is covered with dense forests, of which over 90% is used for economic purposes.

Not only the forests, but also the seaside resorts offer great conditions for relaxation. Many residents of Maryland and other states come to the resorts around Ocean City on the Atlantic Coast, which is flooded with tourists in the summer.


Minerals - coal, natural gas. Agriculture - corn, soybeans, potatoes, vegetables, rye, wheat. Fisherman. Forestry.

Industry - electronics, fine mechanics, chemical, food. Services. Tourism.


Baltimore, Anapolis, Lexington Park, Ocean City, Chesapeake Bay, Asatiig Island, Deep Creek Lake, Piscetaway Park


Humid, moderate. Warm summer and mild winter. Average temperatures - 1C in January, 25C in July. The average annual rainfall is 1100 mm.


1. The most famous residents of Maryland are Upton Sinclair and Edgar Alan Poe.

2. The National Sports of the State is a competition in which opponents riders battle with spears. It wins who stays in the saddle. Lacrosse, a forgotten form of hockey, is also practiced here.

3. The author of the US anthem Star Spangled Banner - is Francis Scott Key. He composed the song, impressed by the fight to protect Fort Henry Henry against the British in 1814. in Baltimore.


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