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Las Vegas is the sunniest and richest city.



In 1830, no more than 50 people lived at the site of Las Vegas today. The colonizers make this little corner of the desert an oasis. In 1850, William Bringhurst, a follower of the spiritual leader of the Mormons, Brigham Young, settled here. The Mormons, however, are underperforming the area. Until the early 20th century, there was only one fort here.

            As is the case with many other cities in the Midwest of America, only the construction of railroads stimulates the development of the area. Las Vegas began to develop in the early 20th century when the Union Pacific Road Company installed rail lines on the west coast. In 1936, the Colorado River, located 48 miles south of Las Vegas, became the Hoover Dam, resulting in the formation of Lake Meade. During this period a plan for the development of the city was created. The glory of Las Vegas as a gambling paradise was born in 1946 with the construction of the first international hotel on Strip Boulevard.las vegas 1156095 1280


  • 1. The original name Las Vegas (fertile valleys) refers to the natural springs and groundwater that were used along the route between Salt Lake City and Old Spenish Trade
  • 2. Young American couples are happily marrying in Las Vegas because they believe this is lucky.
  • 3. Las Vegas not only attracts lovers, it's also a city where divorce can be easily obtained due to simplified legal procedures.



Chapels for weddings - over 30, casinos and hotels. The Museum of Art, the Imperial Palace Automobile Collection, the Natural History Museum, the Casino Center and Strip neighborhoods, the national parks and the surrounding area.


Population - 1,650,671 inhabitants.

Number of tourists - about 12 million per year

Tourism revenue - about $ 4 billion

Number of marriages - 60,000 per year

Number of hotel rooms - 60 000


Tourism - casinos, hotels, conference centers


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