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The great land to the west

The best deal in world history

In 1867 experienced imperial statesmen cannot hide their satisfaction. Russia is convinced that the sale of Alaska, (considered land of no value), to the United States is a very lucrative deal.


alaska 4634658 1280For many years, William Seward, US Secretary of State has been forced to make vicious comments. His colleagues believe that in return for $7.2 million paid to Russia for Alaska, the United States has received an ice cube, the new territory is ironically called the "Seward's Fridge" and "Polaria." At the beginning everything shows that Russia has made a great deal: with the amount received, the state is paying off its debt from the Crimean War. But in 1903 it turns out that Seward was right after all. Only the mining revenue received so far this year exceeds the child-paid price for Alaska. To date, Alaska's fisheries and minerals have generated about $5 billion in profits. The oil here covers nearly a quarter of the United States' needs. Alaska has deposits of almost all important minerals: there are deposits of chromium, iron, gold, cobalt, coal, copper, molybdenum, nickel, platinum, titanium, tungsten, and mercury. Now one thing is clear - the Americans have made the most lucrative deal in the history of the world.


Anchorage, Sitka, Kenai Fjord National Park, Kodiak Island, Wrangel and St. Ilias Mountains National Park, Glacier Bay.


In January, the average temperature varies between -26 degrees C and 8 degrees C, and in July between 4 and 12 degrees C.



Interesting facts

  • Kodiak Island, the second largest island in the United States, is famous for the fact that a brown bear called Kodiak lives here, weighing up to 680kg. It is one of the largest land predators.
  • The Alaska flag depicts the constellation Big Bear and the Polar Star in golden color against a blue background.
  • Anchorage was founded in 1915. as a camp for workers involved in the construction of the Alaska Railroad. Today, about half of the state's population lives here. After the opening of the Anchorage Airport, located midway between New York and Tokyo, it gets its nickname - the intersection of the world.


Minerals: natural gas, oil, gold, coal, copper, silver and more. Fishing and fishery products. Tourism - hunting. Reindeer husbandry, feed production.

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