FLORIDA - From Cape Canaveral to Disney World

03 July 2019 Written by North America 921
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FLORIDA From Cape Canaveral to Disney World

Florida is a dream factory. The numerous attractions offered on the peninsula make this place one of the most fascinating in the United States.

Juan Ponce de Leon discovered Florida's east coast in 1513 as he set out to search for Bimini, the land of eternal youth, according to medieval Spanish legends. Florida was the scene of bloody battles between the Spanish, French and English in the 17th and 18th centuries. Spain sold this swampy territory to the United States in 1819, but Florida was accepted as a twenty-seventh state only in 1845. During the Civil War, Florida took the side of the Southern States, which were defeated. Subsequently, large plantations cultivated by slaves ceased to exist.
At the end of 19c - early 20c. more and more tourists were beginning to show interest in the sunshine state. Now, 40 million people visit Florida annually, and many Americans settle here after retirement. The state is very popular with Latin American immigrants, mostly from Cuba. This explains the unusually high level of demographic growth in Florida.
After the discovery of Disney World, the largest amusement park in the world, tourism became the most important sector of Florida's economy, along with astronautics (the John Kennedy Space Center on Cape Canaveral) and agriculture.


Disney World, Miami Beach with the Art Deco Quarter, Everglades National Park, Florida Case, Cape Canaveral's John Kennedy Space Center.
Moist tropical. Average temperatures in Miami reach 19℃ in winter and 30℃ in July. In the summer the humidity is increased. There are tropical cyclones from June to October

  • Since 1970 Florida has been officially named “The sunshine state" by a decision of the state government.
  • The Daytona Beach track has many high-speed records. The first record holder was A. Winston in 1903 - 109km/h.
  • Juan Ponce de Leon, who discovered the peninsula, also chose its name.
  • In Spanish Palm Sunday translates as Pascua Florida. It is on this day that de Leon reaches the coast of Florida.
  • One of the tourists' favorite destinations is the Everglades Swampy Plain, America's largest tropical vegetation reserve with alligators.

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