Valais - at the Sources of the Rhône

02 October 2018 Written by Winter 15632
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The winter sports Mekka

Most residents of the Canton of Valais make their living in tourism. Canton attracts mostly ski lovers. There are numerous winter resorts in this area.

With the beginning of the winter season, thousands of guests arrive in Valais. Winter sports lovers admire the skills of professional skiers on dangerous slopes during the hard slaloms to experience their own strength later on the slopes.

In Valais there are tourists throughout the seasons. Numerous mountain hikers arrive in southern Switzerland - in the unusual world of mountains, glaciers and secluded lakes. Excursionists need only have some experience and the necessary equipment to experience unforgettable adventures on local routes: visitors will find themselves in the Arctic world of Lake Märjelen near the Aletsch Glacier, breathe in the fresh air of cedar forests and contemplate the lovely valley of the Rhôna river from 2000 m height.


Agriculture: vegetables, fruits, vines

Industries: Metallurgy, Machinery, Instruments, Chemistry, Woodworking and Pulp-Paper. Hydrocentral. Tourism.

The railroad that connects Paris and Milan goes through the canton of Valais. There is a network of small mountain trains in the area that climb the steep slopes and look like toys from afar.

The mild climate in the alpine valleys of the canton of Valais favours the cultivation of grapes - here is one third of the vineyards in Switzerland. An additional advantage is the solar character of the region. Not everywhere, however, the climate is warm. In the northern part of the canton is the largest glacier in the Alps - Aletsch. There are ideal conditions for winter sports, amateur flights, cycling and mountain trekking. It is no wonder that tourism is the most important branch of the cantonal economy. Hydropower plants also play an important role – The Grande Dixence Dam on the Dixence river is one of the highest in the world.

At the sources of the Rhône

The Alpine Canton of Valais is located in southern Switzerland along the Rhône Valley from the springs of the river to Lake Lehman. Several peaks with a height of more than 4000 ft are towering along the two banks of the Rhône in the Bernese and Alpes Poeninae.


  • Official name: Canton of Valais
  • Capital – Zion
  • Languages ​​- French, German
  • Currency unit - Swiss franc
  • Religion - Catholicism
  • Largest cities - Monte, Sierre, Martini
  • Ski resorts - Arolla, Shamperi, Cran-Montana, Zaas-Fee, Verbier, Vermala, Zermatt
  • Longest river - Rhône
  • Mountain - Alps

Lovers of the Canton of Valais mountains arrive at any time of the year, in the summer for a mountaintop transition, during the winter skiing. Vale is the southernmost canton in the country. The Rhône Valley crosses it from east to west, and the river springs are located near the Fourka Pass, 2436m, on the border of the Uri canton. The highest peak is Dufour 4634m, in the Monte Rosa massif, although mountaineers prefer the Matterhorn, which towers over the popular resort of Zermatt.

The eastern part of the Valais is German-speaking and the western - French-language.

In the Rhône, industrial complexes are concentrated, and vegetables, fruit trees and cattle are grown in the valley. Vegetable crops require irrigation because of the mountain climate.

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